“Rocks like MxPx, Allister, Goldfinger” “We played every show we could in the beginning so we could get our live show just right and get our name out there.” says One Days Notice guitarist/vocalist Jesea Lee. “We played plenty of shows in (our hometown of) Cleveland – and out of town – where we were the only ones there.” Bolstered by a sound they describe as “the Offspring humping Lady Gaga”, Lee says the band have big plans: “We’re going for gold. We want it all!”

“One Days Notice will put a smile on the face of any longtime Pennywise or Offspring fans who miss the good ol’ days of chain wallets, Vans slip-ons and passing around a bottle of Mad Dog in the parking lot before (or during, or after) the show.” – Scott Heisel, Substream Magazine

“Considering none of the guys in One Days Notice have celebrated birthday number 30 as of yet, the band is way ahead of the pack in what they have accomplished so far on a local level, including having graced the House of Blues stage a handful of times, opened for big name acts including The Offspring and Bowling Soup, and performed at the Warped Tour, just to name a few highlights.”

Joel Voorman, CleveRocks

“One Day’s Notice find a solid ground between straight-laced and shit-faced. Produced by Northeast Ohio studio guru Ben Schigel (Switched) with Jim Wirt (Incubus), When Dinosaurs Get Drunk is a bravura outing from a group of guys with a firm understanding of the pop-punk ethic. They know music is supposed to be fun and that they wouldn’t be able to pull off the shoe-gaze mope thing with much conviction. It sounds like they had fun on Dinosaurs by just playing the music they want to play, edifying themselves first—which results in a wonderfully contagious kind of joy.”

Peter Roche, Examiner

“They have the talent and energy to break into the pop punk scene and help bring it back to some sort of noteriety. Reports are that these guys are a great time live, so I don’t see why they can’t push themselves into the mainstream.”

John Rodriguez, Artists on Demand

“When Dinosaurs Get Drunk” basks in the glow of it’s memorable punk rock jams, and shines through with a few well-placed ballads. Lyrically, this album is a collective message of spending time with friends and taking advantage of every second. Musically? It’s just a lot of fun.”

Antonio Vazquez, New-Transcendence

“It´s hard to really describe Ohio based One Days Notice´s music in one word because even if the major part is punkrock, the band is here to entertain us and could also be labeled as fun rock. The follow up to the debut EP “That´s what she said” from 2012, is called “When dinosaurs get drunk” where they worked with producers Ben Shigel and Jim Wirt. I think the mix could´ve been a bit better but there´s nothing wrong with the material on this album, they are experts of writing hooks if you look at songs like “Liar”, “Coming home” and “Bye bye crazy”. However, the best song is by far “Haha” that you can listen to on youtube. What a smash hit it is. For fans of Sugar Ray, Alien Ant Farm, The Offspring”

Kaj Roth, RothNRoll

“When Dinosaurs Get Drunk is by far the band’s best work to date and shows a great progression from their debut EP.”

Aaron Willschick, PureGrainAudio

“Despite the insipid title, the new album, When Dinosaurs Get Drunk, shows some maturity. Even sneering raucous opening tune, “Hahaha,” is a catchy song with pretty pop melodies that belie the song’s revenge fantasy.”

Jeff Niesel (Sep 04, 2013)

“Shortly after forming, One Days Notice quickly earned a spot on the 2010 Warped Tour stop in Cleveland. Not bad for five guys had just put together their pop-punk band that they self-describe as “The Offspring humping Lady Gaga.” The band’s 2010 EP That’s What She Said follows the standard equation: scratchy riffs and contagious choruses with lots of boner jokes equals pop punk gold. Though their EP coasted them onto stages with the likes of Mayday Parade and Bowling for Soup, along with a headlining House of Blues, a sold out Cleveland Music Fest, and plenty Battle of the Bands, they haven’t released a debut full-length yet. And as catchy as songs like “Shake it Up” and “Those Days” are, something new is long overdue. Give the people what they want, boys.”

– Nikki Hunt, Scene Magazine

“These pop-punks formed only last year, but already they’ve played a primo gig on the Warped Tour’s local stage last summer. Their debut album doesn’t stray much from the genre’s formula: The snappy “Shake it Out” and “Out of the Blue” feature call-and-response choruses that sound like a mash-up of Jimmy Eat World and Pennywise. Of course, not all of the hooks are so sharp; “Live and Learn” and “Staring at the Clock” don’t really go anywhere. But this young band knows all about catchiness – the greatest asset of any good pop-punk.”

Jeff Niesel, Scene Magazine (Apr 01, 2011)

“One Day’s Notice is a young band (just formed one year ago) based out of the birth place of rock-and-roll that has already proven itself to be a winner, gaining a slot on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour and finding some radio airplay for several of its tracks! We interviewed the band to learn a bit more about them such as what groups are they inspired by, what their creative process looks like, and how DID such a young band get a spot on the Vans Warped Tour so quickly!”

“They have a cooky sense of humor that seems to be contagious. They are aiming to release music that not only they are proud of, but that other people love. Catchy songs with substance are their thing, and they are hoping to be on tour within the very near future. You are for sure, without a doubt, guaranteed to have a good time at one of their shows.”

“The album is filled with catchy tracks that blend sounds from pop, punk, alternative and rock. There is no classifying this band into a genre or subgenre, they are here to just deliver good music and that is exactly what they do. Check out some of my favorite tracks on the album, Liar, Finish What We Started, She Never Stops and Time Won’t Stand Still but make sure to check them all out.  Another great track is Coming Home.”

“They’re not half bad”

“The best part about a live performance of One Days Notice is that the musicians play as much for themselves as the people around them. They enjoy what they do and it spreads like a virus through the audience.”

“ODN are really friendly and talkative. If you go to a show (WHICH YOU SHOULD. TAKE THESE CAPITAL LETTERS AS A COMMAND, NOT A SUGGESTION!), make sure you say hi to them. Pick up a sticker or two or five and place it somewhere everyone can see it. “

“First off, I don’t know who this band is but I hate them”

“Anyone who has not seen One Days Notice, perform live before is missing out.”


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